Monday, 10 November 2014

Tim's Community Council Update for November 2014


1. Fife Local Plan – Consultation on the Fife Local Plan runs from Monday 27 October to midnight on Monday 8 December 2014.  The documents can be viewed on line at or at your local library.

I attended the drop in event on the Local Plan in Cupar on 6 November.  It is hoped that the new Local Plan will be adopted in 2016.  Individuals or groups will need to re-submit any comments that they made to the Fife Plan Main Issues Report or development strategy consultations if they feel that these are still valid. If they do not do this then these will not be considered when the plan goes to the examination phase.  

2. New Madras College – The detailed planning application for the new school is now expected to come to the North East Planning Committee in December.

3. Community Payback Team have cleared two paths in Wormit.

4. Newport Skateboard Collective – Funding for the above scheme has now been achieved.  Arrangements are being made for an initial meeting of the liaison group that is being set up and which was agreed as part of the planning consent. Would anyone from the Community Council like to be part of this?

5. Guide to Winter Gritting and Snow Clearing – I have received a copy of the above guide.  Further information is available at

6. Smart Energy Meters – National publicity has now commenced regarding the roll out of smart meters between now and 2020.  More details are available at

7. Tay Railway Bridge – Network Rail have applied for planning consent to replace life expired boards on the railway bridge.  It is proposed to use GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) to replace the boards.  The proposed repairs are part of the £80M works carried out on the bridge over the last 15 years.

8. Peter Anderson who works at Newport Primary School was a gold award winner in this year’s Fife Business Diversity Awards.  Many congratulations to Peter.

9. Granary Lane Meals – will resume for residents from week commencing 17 November after an absence of over four months.

10. Madras College – HMIE Inspection – As members will have seen the school received a very positive report from the HMIE Inspectors.  Copies have gone to all pupils at the school but I can also provide a copy if anyone would like to see it.

11. Woodhaven Play Park – It has been agreed that the roundabout at the above area will be replaced from the local area budget (locality funds).

12. Area Transportation Works Programme 2015/16 – Transportation Services are carrying out assessments of areas that should be included in the above programme. The Community Council are invited to suggest any areas that should be included.  This will also cover any traffic management and road safety schemes.

13. Bollards, Bottom of Bay Road, Wormit – I have received a request to install bollards at the bottom of Bay Road to prevent vehicles driving along the sea wall.

14. Newport Primary School Travel Plan – I have had an update that the above plan is  being updated.

15. Fife Youth Forum – I was part of a panel answering questions at the above event on 4 November and then met with a number of looked after children.

16. Wall – Mount Stewart Road – I have further discussions with the Fife Council Road’s Engineer regarding the wall which collapsed in Mount Stewart Road twelve months ago.  He is still waiting to sign off detailed proposals from the owners engineers before work on this will commence.

17. On At Fife – I have received a copy of the most recent diary giving details of the activities in museums and galleries in Fife.  More information is available at

18. Engagement Session: Education Provision in Schools – Fife Council’s Education Service are holding engagement sessions around the school week; school timetabling approaches and new leadership models in schools.
The meeting in North East Fife will be at Bell Baxter High School on Tuesday 25 November from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

19. Community Defibrillator – I have spoken to Dr Hamish Tait of Operation Heart Start and they would be willing to consider a request from the community for a community defibrillator in Newport and Wormit.

20. Fife Harbours Strategic Study – The Council area intending to update the 2003 study which looked at the leisure development potential of the 37 harbours in Fife.

21. Neart na Goaithe Offshore Farm – The above wind farm which is 15 kilometres off the Fife Coast has been given the go-ahead.  It is hoped that construction will begin in 2015.

22. Fife Council Non-Recurring Grants and Support in Kind – I have received a copy of the Council’s booklet regarding the above giving details of the different types of community grants that are available to voluntary groups in Fife.  I would be pleased to pass this on to anyone who is interested.

23. Police Enhanced Community Engagement Model (ECEM) – The Council and the police are consulting on changes to the police CEM model including the possible holding of up to three ECEM meeting per year in North East Fife.

24. Fife Deaf Community Service – are holding training sessions for sign language interpreter awareness training on the 13 and 14 November.  Places must be pre-booked.

25. Sports Hub – I have received a copy of a Directory of Support that Sports Clubs might use.

26. Kingdom Housing – I have received a copy of the Kingdom Housing Annual Report 2014.

27. Fife Council Award, Overall Council of the Year – Fife Council won the association of Public Service Excellence (APSE) Award at their annual prize giving in Nottingham.

28. Tay Toad Bridge, South End Roundabout – BEAR Scotland have advised that they do intend to undertake a thorough redesign of the planting on the roundabout before the end of March 2015.

29. Christmas Events in Newport – This year’s event will be held on Saturday 29 November and the Rotary Club are holding a Christmas Fair in the Blyth hall on the 30th November from 11.00 to 4.00.

30. Overhanging Vegetation in Naughton Road, Wormit – This has been reported and the work should have been carried out on 10th November.

31. Council Parking Attendants – The Council’s Car Parking Attendants have issued 12 parking notices up to the middle of September in Newport.

32. Fife Pilgrim Way – The Fife Coast and Countryside Trust are consulting on the possible establishment of a Pilgrim’s Way from Culross to St Andrews.

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