Monday, 10 November 2014

LibDem councillor welcomes retention of Gate Guard at Leuchars

Leuchars Community Council and Cllr Tim Brett, member for the Tay Bridgehead Ward have welcomed the news that one of the aircraft at the main entrance to RAF Leuchars will be retained when the base transfers to the army at the beginning of April 2015.
Cllr Brett said “The news that the Tornado aircraft “gate guard” will be retained has come as very welcome news to the Leuchars Community Council. I think it is very fitting that the Army Units that are coming to Leuchars from Germany want to retain the link with the RAF to remember the nearly 100 years of service that the RAF have provided at Leuchars. The retention of the aircraft will be a fitting memorial to all those who have worked and served at RAF Leuchars over this time.’
While Cllr Brett was sure that in due course the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards or the Royal Engineers might want to locate other equipment at the entrance to the base, he was sure that everyone in the community would welcome this decision by the RAF, and concluded,
‘The Community Council is also very pleased that the stone marker “RAF Leuchars” at the roundel by the guardroom is to be moved to junction gardens next to the railway station as yet another reminder of the close links between the RAF and the local community.’

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