Monday, 10 November 2014

LibDems hail Superfast Broadband at Drumoig

Liberal Democrat Tay Bridgehead councillors Tim Brett and Maggie Taylor have warmly welcomed the arrival of superfast broadband for the community of Drumoig, between St Michaels and Newport on Tay.

Councillor Taylor explained, ‘The residents at Drumoig highlighted the very slow speeds of broadband that were at that time available to them over three years ago, Since then the Drumoig Residents Association has been working with myself and Cllr Brett, officials from Fife Council and the Scottish Government to try and achieve a better service.’

Councillor Brett agreed and added, ‘It is great news that superfast broadband is being provided for this community. Previously it had appeared that British Telecom would not be able to provide such a service but I am very grateful to them that this has now been put in place and I hope that all the residents in Drumoig will be able to take advantage of this. I know that there are a number of individuals who, like many others in North East Fife, work from home and that this will be a real boon for them. Superfast broadband is now becoming a critical “must have” for many people and I warmly welcome the way in which this service is now becoming more widely available. To get a superfast service, residents will, of course, need to make provision with a supplier.’

Local businessman Harry Orr was very pleased with the improved service. ‘Running a business (Design & Development of Technical Optics) from Drumoig exposed the limits of internet speeds locally. While ordinary web & email services were available, it was not possible to fully utilise other business related web-base services. Seminars, teleconferencing, and technical software downloads were all difficult to support due to the low connection speed, and any service which required live streaming was impossible; we had to access higher speed by using an office in Dundee! But with the new access to higher speeds here at Drumoig, I’m looking forward to having those services available in my own office. It also means the connection can support domestic traffic (media streaming, etc) so that other users at home will not impede the office services.’

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