Friday, 21 November 2014

‘Keep Me Posted’ campaign receives boost from Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North East Fife

Cllr Tim Brett gives support to Keep Me Posted campaign and pledges to fight for consumer rights if elected.

The Keep Me Posted campaign has received a boost from Cllr Tim Brett, the Liberal Democrat Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North East Fife.

Cllr Brett has signed up to the campaign, which calls for greater consumer choice and protection of all consumers.  

Keep Me Posted has been pressing for the consumer’s right to choose how organisations, such as banks, energy and telecoms companies send customers their bills and statements, whether online or on paper.

The call comes in the face of an increasing trend for businesses to switch their customers to mainly digital communication, which isn’t always preferable or suitable for a large proportion of UK consumers.

Keep Me Posted believes the next UK Government should follow the lead of other European countries, such as Spain and France, where recent legislation has been passed enshrining the right of consumers to choose in which format to receive their bills and statements, without having to pay extra.

Judith Donovan CBE, who chairs Keep Me Posted, said, “I am delighted that Tim Brett has pledged to support the campaign. Almost seven million people have never used the internet, including 37,000 in Fife, and a further 11 million lack the basic skills to send emails or shop online, let alone take care of their finances entirely online. That’s an awful lot of voters in the North East Fife constituency who would be keen to elect a candidate who has their interests at heart. Several other countries have changed the law to protect customers, and I am confident that Cllr Brett will raise this important issue in the corridors of power if he is elected to represent the North East Fife constituency."

Tim Brett said, ‘While many people will be happy to receive only electronic bills, the fact remains that there are many who are either not confident enough to use the technology or who cannot afford it. It's important that no one in the community is penalised for not having access to the latest technology. I fully support this campaign.’

Keep Me Posted is calling for businesses and other organisations to offer consumers the right to choose by adopting the campaign’s six-point ‘right to choose’ charter.

You can sign up to the Keep Me Posted campaign yourself by calling 020 7566 9773;  writing to Keep Me Posted, 24a St John Street, London EC1M 4AY or sharing your stories, preferences and experiences at

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