Tuesday, 2 September 2014

LibDems welcome final money for games area

Liberal Democrat councillors in NE Fife have warmly welcomed the allocation of £11,000 which the North East Fife Area Committee recently agreed for the Balmullo MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) from the Area locality budget. Tay Bridgehead councillor Tim Brett said, ‘This final allocation of £11,000 should now allow this important development for Balmullo to go ahead. We are very grateful to all of the funders for their support and I would particularly want to highlight the contribution of £20,000 that is being made by the Community Covenant Fund in recognition of the close links that the local community has with service personnel at RAF Leuchars.’

Fellow Bridgehead councillor Maggie Taylor agreed, adding, ‘The addition of a MUGA next to the primary school in Balmullo will not only provide an extra facility for the children at the school to use but will also, once school has finished, be available for the rest of the community to use during the evenings and the rest of the weekends.’

Both Councillors emphasised that there has been strong community support for the project, singling out, in particular, Ronnie Davidson who chaired the Group which oversaw the scheme from the beginning, and concluded, ‘We are now looking forward to having an early start on site and the successful completion of the project.’

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