Saturday, 13 September 2014

Economic update on NE Fife towns

Town centres in North East Fife are leading the way out of the recessions, according to the percentage of empty shops over the past 5 years.

Councillor Tim Brett Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group  explained, ‘A recent report shows that the rate of vacant shops since 2009 in Anstruther has fallen from 9.38 to 4.76 while that in St Andrews has been reduced from 4.83 to 4.74. 

‘To put it another way, the number of empty units in Anstruther has fallen from 6 to 3, while in St Andrews the number is still 10.    This may only be a small change but it is extremely encouraging, especially considering that the average for the whole of Fife has increased from 14.97% to 16.15%. 

‘It is to be hoped that these figures can be further improved and also that the rest of Fife will soon catch up.’

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