Thursday, 10 July 2014

Poor mobile phone coverage in NE Fife

Liberal Democrat councillors are urging NE Fifers living in mobile phone ‘black spots’ to let them know, so that application can be made for improvement.

Following telephone regulator OFCOM’s recent confirmation of its commitment to extend high-speed broadband, smart phone data and mobile phone coverage in rural areas such as North East Fife coupled with the UK government’s announcement that 98% coverage indoors will be a condition of the grant of a 4G licence, Fife LibDem Group Leader Cllr Tim Brett said,
‘This announcement is very welcome. Here in NE Fife there are still too many areas of poor reception. I am asking residents who live in these black holes to let me know so that I can make the case for the required improvements. For example, parts of the Howe of Fife and even St Andrews do not receive a reliable signal.’

East Neuk councillor Elizabeth Riches agreed. ‘There are places in Anstruther, Cellardyke and Crail with such poor reception that workmen have to walk up the hill should they need to use their mobiles and, should anybody ring me on my mobile, it is by no means certain that the signal will last for the duration of the call. It is hardly an incentive for new enterprises to locate in such a beautiful area of NE Fife if such basic communications are lacking.’

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