Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fife LibDem praises important work of Protective Services

A Fife Liberal Democrat councillor has praised the good work of Fife Protective Services in monitoring and testing food to ensure it is what it says on the label.

Cllr Tim Brett said, ‘It is good to know that the team takes the mislabelling of produces seriously, and I commend their commitment. Of 30 samples of meat and fish products were tested last year, 3 failed due to traces of a species other than stated on the label, though the small amounts suggest these are mainly due to accidental cross-contamination. Another 4 surveys are planned later this year.’

Cllr Brett observed that the Protective Services were a vital part of public health. ‘There is excellent joint working between Fife Council and NHS Fife, resulting in the development of a Joint Health Protection Plan. The Protective Services staff protect us all from a range of health hazards, with the e-coli investigations in Dunfermline earlier this year being a good example of their vital work.’

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