Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tim's Newport, Wormit & Forgan Community Council Report for August 2014


1.      Crossing at the Top of Station Brae – Following concerns raised by a local resident regarding the lack of a footpath on the east side of Station Brae, I wrote again to Mr Bob Blair of BEAR. Mr Blair advised that it had not been possible to put a footpath in on that side of the road due to the steep banking.  It has however been agreed that the vegetation should be cut back and this will improve visibility.  A request has also been made for an additional look both ways sign to be painted on the pavement.

2.      Pedestrian Barrier – The barrier at the bend at Riverside Road/St Fort Road in Wormit has been damaged.  This has been reported and I hope it will be repaired soon.

3.      Bus Changes – New timetables are being introduced with effect from the 18 August.  There will be some impact on local services and I can provide details to anyone who would like to see them.

4.      Local Community Plan – A special meeting of the North East Fife Area Committee is being held on 14 August to discuss the local community plan. 

5.      Newport War Memorial – It has been agreed that the War Memorial should be cleaned and discussions are taking place about the funding of this.

6.      Fife Community Works Programme – Councillors have been invited to suggest projects that might be included in the above programme.  The programme would include projects to improve local amenity but which need to be agreed at Area Committee level.  I can provide further information to any groups who might have a suitable project.

7.      Kinbrae Park Play Park I hope that all of the funding for the new equipment in the play park has now been agreed.  This now needs to be signed off with the Fife Environment Trust and I then hope a contractor can be appointed.

8.      Waterstone Crook – Community Sports Day – I hope that the sports day on Saturday, 16 August will be well supported and that children of primary school age will get the opportunity of trying a number of different sporting activities.

9.      Boat Brae, Newport – Following concerns raised at the last Community Council meeting the Transportation Service have suggested an additional no right turn sign at the bottom of the High Street.

10.  Overhanging Bushes and Vegetation – I have reported a number of areas in Newport where bushes and vegetation are obstructing the pavement.  It would be helpful if all householders could check that vegetation from their properties is not obstructing the pavement.  Specific areas are being pursued by the Transportation Department.

11.  High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 – I have received a briefing on the way in which the above Act will be implemented in Fife and would be pleased to share this with anyone who was interested.

12.  Planning Review Bodies – I have received a note from one of the Council’s solicitors regarding the steps that the Community Council needs to take if it wishes to register as a “statutory consultee”.  The Community Council needs to state that it wishes to be consulted within seven working days of the Council sending them the weekly list and/or indicate that a development is likely to affect the amenity in the area of the Community Council.

13.  Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve – I have received a copy of the annual report for 2013. 

14.  Graffiti on the Scottish Water Cabinet – I am still pursuing with Scottish Water the removal of the graffiti on their cabinet on Tay Street.

15.  Proposed Waiting Restrictions - I would welcome the Community Council’s views on two proposals that I have received from the Transportation Department.  These are:-     a. Castle Brae opposite Westfield Terrace in Newport and
            b. Blyth Street/Kilnburn Junction also in Newport.

16.  Hospital at Home Programme – is now operating in North East Fife.

17.  Scottish Water Performance Summary – I have received a copy of the Scottish Water 2013/14 report.

18.  Tay Road Bridge Closures – Following a meeting with the new Bridge Manager, Alan Hutchison has advised that the VMS signs at St Fort and St Michaels will  show a red warning triangle when the bridge is closed.  The wording will be ”Bridge Closed” “and below that “Congestion”.  This will hopefully inform drivers that there is queuing traffic ahead and may allow local traffic to find alternative routes.
19.  Beach Road, Wormit – 20mph repeater signs have been erected following a request from a resident.

20.  Proposed Flat Top Hump – Stuart Goodfellow from Transportation will be attending the Community Council meeting to discuss the above proposal at the bottom of the High Street.

21.  Madras College – The detailed planning application is due to come to the North East Fife Planning Committee on 10 September.
22.  Newport Playgroup Closure – Following my report to the Community Council, the playgroup confirmed that they were closing at the end of June after 40 years operation.  I hope that other facilities in Wormit and Newport will be able to meet the demand for playgroup/nursery facilities.

23.  Local Development Plan – There will be a report coming to this week’s meeting of the North East Fife Area Committee regarding the Local Development Plan.  Following comments from Area Committees a report will go to the Fife Council Executive Committee on 9 September.

24.  Home Energy Efficiency Programme – I have received an update on the above programme for Scotland for 2014/15 and the details of this for Area based schemes in Fife.  I would be happy to forward this to anyone who is interested.

25.  Bay Road, Wormit Car Park – The area at the front of the car park has been re-surfaced.  I have received a request from a resident that bollards should be erected to prevent vehicles driving along the sea wall.

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