Thursday, 8 May 2014

LibDems welcome school mobile phones policy

Fife Council Liberal Democrats have welcomed the implementation of a policy on the use of mobile telephones in schools, though with over 1000 confiscations over the past three years are urging that its operation is regularly reviewed.

Group Leader Cllr Tim Brett explained, ‘As a minimum, mobile phones must be switched off and kept out of sight during lessons, though in primary schools this rule might well be extended to cover the whole of the school day. Using phones to take pictures or videos is only permitted with the agreement of all those depicted and after special permission has been granted.’

Cllr Brett admitted that dealing with material posted on social networks was more complicated but that action would be taken when such material had been obtained illegally or was defamatory. ‘However, the fact that 1159 phones have had to be confiscated over the past 3 years suggests that the policy may need to be revised so I welcome the monitoring of it by education officers and will be paying close attention to the results of the regular reviews when these are carried out.’

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